Giants’ Parris Campbell was among NFL’s ‘most open’ receivers in 2022

New York Giants wide receivers have struggled creating separation for several years but that was an area that improved a bit a season ago.

Under first-year offensive coordinator Mike Kafka, the Giants were able to get a little more creative with their play calling, allowing for better spacing on the field and, subsequently, larger windows for quarterback Daniel Jones to throw.

It was still far from perfect but it was a moderate improvement.

One player who helped tip those scales was former wide receiver Richie James Jr., who is now with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Not only was James among the most-sure-handed receivers in football, but he was also among the league’s best at getting open, according to data compiled by Pro Football Focus.

In fact, only two wide receivers in the league were better and one of them just happens to now play for the Giants: Parris Campbell.

Everything the Giants lost in free agency, they seemingly gained right back.

Tyler Lockett Seahawks 67.5%
Parris Campbell Colts 62.4%
Richie James Jr. Giants 61%
Cooper Kupp Rams 60%
Zay Jones Jaguars 59.9%

PFF went on to name James a free agent who could surprise with his new team while glossing over the presence of Campbell on their own list.

One free agent signing that could surprise is Richie James Jr., who quietly finished third in open-target rate while catching 68 passes for 651 yards and 4 touchdowns for the Giants last season.

While James’ contributions to the 2022 Giants shouldn’t be overlooked or discounted, the reality is that Campbell is bigger, taller and faster. He can get open as frequently as James but is able to stretch the field a bit more. By every measure, the Giants improved by going from James to Campbell.

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