Giants’ Saquon Barkley squats nearly 600 pounds with ease

New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley is an asset the team isn’t necessarily willing to part with. They applied a non-exclusive franchise tag to Barkley in March, potentially keeping him under team control for 2023.

Still, Barkley becomes an unrestricted free agent in 2024, and it’s never too early to show off what you are capable of. He’s also showing no signs of slowing down ahead of the 2023 season despite a lingering contract standoff.

Barkley is showing everyone what he’s doing this offseason, sharing an impressive video of him squatting almost 600 pounds with seeming ease.

— Saquon Barkley (@saquon) June 29, 2023

Barkley ranked fourth in the NFL in rushing last season, which is why the Giants didn’t want to get rid of him. But his ability to stay healthy remains a question after missing most of 2020 and struggling in 2021. He looked like his old self in 2022, though, and it’s clear he’s working on keeping that going.

One of the best ways to protect tendons and ligaments is to strengthen the muscles around them. Barkley is taking that to heart and doing his best to make sure his body is ready for the season.

Adding weapons like Parris Campbell and Darren Waller to the offense will give Barkley more opportunities to show off his versatility, strength, and speed. It won’t just be the Giants who are paying attention this year — you can be sure that if Barkley has a repeat of last season or better, teams will be lining up at his doorstep during 2024 free agency.

Unless, of course, the Giants and Barkley can finally meet in the middle on a long-term deal.

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