Giants want players to emulate Darren Waller’s professionalism

When the New York Giants added their biggest weapon of the offseason, acquiring Darren Waller via trade, they knew the potential talent they were getting. What they may not have known is just how great of an example their new tight end would be for his teammates.

The trade to the Giants, which Waller has deemed a ‘fresh start,’ also reunited him with Andy Bischoff, the Giants’ tight end coach. It was something he touched on during his opening press conference.

“Reuniting with Andy is pretty cool. It’s like one of those full-circle moments. He was in Baltimore before I got suspended and after I got reinstated and got to be on the practice squad there. So, he’s seen me low moments, he’s seen me in moments where I was getting my foot back in the door and just trying to be consistent and be reliable as a member of the practice squad and the organization,” Waller said.

“Now from afar, he’s been able to see me and take some of the lessons I’ve taken from being around him and that culture to help elevate my career. So, to meet now and to continue on this journey together, it’s a pretty cool thing. I don’t think a lot of things happen like that for people. But I’m excited to have him be in my corner, have him help me elevate my game and all the games of tight ends in the room. I think it’s going to be a really cool journey.”

On Wednesday, prior to the team’s final minicamp practice, Bischoff talked about the type of person and player the Giants got in Waller.

Certainly, the Giants are hoping for big things out of Waller this season with sights set on him helping to balance out the offense.

However, the work ethic and professionalism that Waller brings to the table is something that can be contagious in a locker room; something his teammates will want to feed off of.

With the Giants’ youthful roster hopeful of building off their success in 2022, it will be important for veterans, like Waller, to give teammates someone to mirror when it comes to effort and acting as a professional.

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