New York Giants’ Andrew Thomas named to NFL’s All-Underpaid Team

Every NFL team has at least one player who makes less than he should. It happens at skill positions, on offense, defense, and special teams. According to Bleacher Report, that player for the New York Giants is Andrew Thomas.

It’s hard to rate offensive linemen because they don’t have any real stats. They are graded based on how well they protect the quarterback, which is the job of each man on the line, so even those grades should be taken with a grain of salt.

However, each team has its method for evaluating these positions. This method is what determines the team’s contract offer to the player. In Thomas’ case, BR says, he is entirely too talented to still be on a rookie contract.

Thomas has improved markedly in each of his first three seasons with Big Blue and should be in line for a raise as the league’s 32nd-highest-paid tackle.

Thomas has been a huge asset for the Giants and contributes in every game to the protection of Daniel Jones. He is in the fourth year of his rookie contract — a contract that was designed based on where he was selected in the draft.

The Giants previously picked up Thomas’ fifth-year option but it won’t be long now before the two sides begin working on a long-term deal.

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