New York Giants name 10 captains for 2023 season

New York Giants head coach Brian Daboll revealed on Tuesday that 10 captains have been named ahead of the 2023 regular season.

“We voted for captains, so again there will be 10. It was player voted and told those guys during walkthrough just a little while ago,” Daboll told reporters.

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“The way we do it is I have six slots and I have all the players vote and then if you get a certain amount of votes, then you are named captain. I think there was 22 people on the team that received votes, which to me is good for our team in terms of the way players perceive other players in leadership roles. Just because you are not a captain doesn’t mean you are not a leader on the team. There was a considerable number of guys who got, maybe it was five votes or three votes. Some guys got over 50 votes, but that was all by the players.”

All players on the roster participated in the vote and those voted on were not separated by position.

The 10 captains, as chosen by their teammates, are as follows:

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