USA TODAY ranks New York Giants fans among NFL’s worst

New York Giants fans are notoriously difficult to please. They have high expectations and when things aren’t going well, they voice their displeasure to the world. That has been a common reality throughout the history of the franchise.

Most would call that passion. However, that’s not how Mike Freeman of USA TODAY views it.

Earlier this week, Freeman released the inaugural USA TODAY Sports tiered fan rankings. He acknowledged immediately that the list will cause outrage but expressed his love for all of the league’s fans, including the Giants and New York Jets . . . kind of.

And Giants and Jets fans who think all the universes revolve around you.

That’s a tough way to start and for Giants fans, it didn’t get any better. Freeman eventually plugged them in at No. 31 overall, one spot behind Kansas City Chiefs fans.

Yes, Freeman says. You are among the worst fans in all of football.

Giants: Only Cowboys fans are bigger front-runners.

Prior to 2022, the Giants had been the NFL’s worst team for nearly a decade. It was a miserable stretch and yet, MetLife Stadium was packed to capacity every single Sunday and fans never quit on the team. They may have squabbled and griped over certain general managers, head coaches, players and, at times, the owner, but they never handed in their fan cards. That’s hardly what you would call a front-runner.

But Giants fans are harsh. They don’t treat the team’s beat or content creators particularly well, and they are not exactly kind to each other on social media. However, once tailgating season arrives and everyone gets together in person, it’s like family.

That’s more a trait of New Yorkers than Giants fans specifically. That’s the personality of the city and that may rub some outsiders the wrong way.

At the end of the day, we all know the truth: There are no fans worse than those of the Philadelphia Eagles, who Freeman ranked No. 5 overall.

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